If you take part in Stromspar-Check you will receive free immediate aids which will help you improve your home's energy efficiency. On average, the value of these energy- and water-saving items amounts to 70 euros. Possible immediate aids are:

  • energy-saving lightbulbs and LED lighting
  • switchable multi-socket outlets
  • time switches and Thermostops
  • flow regulators (aerators) and water-saving shower heads
  • flow limiters
  • TV standby cut-off switches
  • refrigerator thermometers
  • thermohygrometers and room thermometers

As part of this free service the Stromspar support workers change light bulbs, install switchable multi-socket outlets, e.g. for computers, TV sets, and HiFi systems, mount TV standby cut-off switches, place time switches and Thermostops respectively, or fit stream regulators (for reducing water flow at the sink) and water-saving shower heads. If needed, the Stromspar support workers also provide you with a thermometer for your fridge enabling you to better determine its temperature.