Are you receiving unemployment benefit, social benefits or housing benefit? Are you receiving a low pension or child benefit? Is your income lower than the garnishment exemption threshold? Then you are entitled to participate in Stromspar-Check! However, we need some form of proof. Our service advisers in your area will give you support with these matters. For example, if you are eligible for a social or family pass this pass will be adequate proof for us. Just call the nearby Stromspar-Check office and make an appointment.


The Stromspar team will visit you in your home and check your electricity consumption. They will give you the first few tips on how to save electricity in your household and, thus, money.

During the second visit the Stromspar team provides you with free immediate aids, such as energy-saving lightbulbs and LED lighting, switchable multi-socket outlets, TV standby cut-off switches, time switches, and stream regulators for your water taps. When needed, all appliances will be installed immediately (read more). Also, you will receive your personal Stromspar road map as well as qualified tips on how to further reduce your electricity consumption with simple measures.


The Stromspar support workers who will visit you in your home have been thoroughly trained for this consulting work. Over 100 hours of participation in instructional courses and their practical experience make them expert advisers, who will effectively help you save energy. Having been long-time unemployed themselves in the past they are personally familiar with the problems of everyday life in low-income households.

Here we answer your questions about the Stromspar-Check.

A video clip from Pforzheim will show you exactly what happens at your flat during the Stromspar-Check and how you will eventually benefit from the procedure.